How To Deep Clean A Keurig Coffee Machine

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How To Deep Clean A Keurig Coffee Machine
Keurig K150 Office Coffee Pod Machine

Keeping your Keurig hot drinks machine clean and hygienic ensures that you get a full tasty coffee cup every time. We recommend giving it a good clean twice monthly and cleaning is quick and easy.


While cleaning your Keurig business coffee machine. Needles are located at the bottom of the Keurig K Cup holder and underneath the handle and are very sharp.

Step 1

Remove water tank, drip tray, and K Cup holder from the coffee and tea machine.

Step 2

Minding the needles, clean out the accumulated grounds in the coffee cup holder with a soft toothbrush. Twist off the bottom of the K Cup Holder to clean underneath.

Wash both in warm soapy water with a mild dishwashing liquid. An unfolded paper clip can be inserted to any small nooks and crannies to declog.

Step 3

Wash the tank and the drip tray in warm soapy water.

Step 4

With a damp cloth wipe down the exterior of the machine. If you have a K150 the part containing the upper needles is removable and can be wiped down, again avoiding the needles.

Step 5

Reassemble your office coffee machine and enjoy!

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