Why Office Barista?

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Why Office Barista?

Office Barista is a small team that believes in Better Coffee At Work. 

We are an authorised distributor for all of the leading coffee pod and bean-to-cup coffee machine suppliers in the UK & Ireland, including Flavia, Lavazza Coffee and Bravilor. We have offices in Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin.

Cup of coffee made in one of our Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

A long-established company, we continually review and update our range of professional hot drinks machines, ensuring that we offer the best bean to cup and professional pod machines for the workplace environment. But why should you choose us?

We believe in long-term solutions 

We recommend office hot drinks machines that will work for our customers in the long run. We understand that this is fundamental for a positive business relationship.

We stand by our products

We only sell hot drinks machines that we believe in. We constantly assess our suppliers to ensure that they meet our own quality standards so we can deliver the best coffee cup possible.

We stand by our customers

If there is a problem, we will fix it for you. 

We give open, honest advice

Credibility comes from having nothing to hide. We will always discuss a full range of options to allow you to make an informed decision.

We are constantly improving

We learn every day. We take pride in following best practice. We love bringing new and exciting products to market.


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