Paper Cups, Lids, Milk & Sugar

All the accessories you need to keep your office coffee machine running smoothly - paper cups, lids, milk, sugar & stirrers. No need for multiple orders and deliveries, and no excuses for running out of milk or sugar. Get all your drinks and other office coffee machine supplies in one place - and benefit from our low prices and quick delivery.

Office Barista 8oz Paper Cups For Lavazza Coffee Office Coffee Supplies

Office Barista 8oz Paper Coffee Cup


1000 PACK

Lavazza Coffee Branded Paper Cups Office Coffee Supplies

Lavazza 12oz Take Away Cups (600)



8oz Domed Sip Lids For disposable Paper Cups ( 1200) Office Coffee Supplies

8 oz Domed Sip Lids For Paper Coffee Cups


1000 PACK

12oz Domed Sip Lids For Paper Cups (1200)Office Coffee Supplies

12 oz Domed Sip Lids For Lavazza To Go Paper Coffee Cups


1200 PACK

Lids for 12oz. Lavazza Benders Single Wall Paper Coffee Cup Office Coffee Supplies

Lids for 12oz. Lavazza Single Wall Paper Cup


1000 PACK

Brown corrugated disposable paper cup sleeves Office Coffee Supplies

12-16oz Paper Coffee Cup Sleeves



Lakeland Dairies Semi Skimmed UHT Milk Pots/Ancillaries Office Coffee Supplies

Lakeland Dairies Semi Skimmed UHT Milk


120 PACK

Flavia Brown Sugar Sticks For Office Tea And Coffee Supplies Office Coffee Supplies

Flavia Brown Sugar Sticks


1000 PACK

Sugar Sticks For Lavazza Coffee Pod Machines Office Coffee Supplies

Lavazza White Sugar Sticks


700 PACK

Flavia Wooden Stirrers for Tea And Coffee Machine Supplies Office Coffee Supplies

Flavia Wooden Stirrers



Regilait Milk Granules For Bean To Cup Office Coffee Machines Office Coffee Supplies

Regilait Granulated Skimmed Milk 10x500g