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Bravilor Bonamat


Bravilor Bean to Cup Machines

Bravilor Bonamat is a family business with a focus on quality and innovation. Bravilor develops, manufactures and supplies a large range of beverage machines. As with all of our manufacturers, Office Barista selects a small number of the machines most suitable for the office environment to feature in our range. In the case of Bravilor Bonamat, we have found that Bravilor's range of Esprecious bean to cup coffee machines ticks a lot of boxes - excellent build quality, reasonable pricing, and of course great drinks.

The Bravilor Bonamat Machines

Four in One

The Bravilor Esprecious range comprises the Esprecious 11, Esprecious 12, Esprecious 21 and Esprecious 22, all offering the same core features but with different combinations of bean hoppers and dry ingredients canisters to meet your specific requirements.


With a guided cleaning cycle and optional accessories including a payment module and a cabinet with additional waste bin, the Esprecious range offers some of the most office-friendly bean to cup coffee machines on the market.

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