Flavia Tea Machines - The Best Office Tea Machines

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Flavia Tea Machines - The Best Office Tea Machines

We’ve been blogging about why you need a tea machine in your office, and why we recommend the Flavia hot drinks machines as the best all-round tea AND coffee hot drinks machines - but some of you like the detail, so here’s a little more on the science behind a perfect cup of tea from a Flavia machine:

Flavia C600 Coffee Cending Machine With Fresh Milk Frother

Fresh Taste

The Flavia Freshpack technology ensures that the fresh leaf teas are sealed, with the taste and aroma locked in until the moment the tea is served - you may not appreciate how stale the tea you are drinking is until you taste a properly fresh cup - a taste revelation!

No Taint

No-one likes their tea to taste vaguely of coffee - Flavia’s patented brewing process ensures that only water passes through the machine, and there is no cross-over in flavour from one Flavia drink to the next. This is particularly important for the more delicately flavoured fruit, herbal & infusion teas.

Correct Brewing Temperature

The Flavia coffee pod machines are so committed to excellent tea that they are actually programmed to brew teas at a slightly lower temperature than coffees. This ensures that the flavour of the tea is properly extracted and protects against bitterness.

Combining this technical attention to detail with a fantastic range of 9 different Bright Tea Company teashas rightly earned Flavia a reputation for producing the best office coffee and tea machines. We also offer easy coffee machine hire and leasing options to ensure your coffee cup is affordable! 


* We offer hassle free Coffee Machine Hire, Coffee Machine Lease & Operated options



Flavia Drinks For Flavia Tea & Coffee Machines Including Lavazza Coffees
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