The Crowd Pleasing Flavia Creation 600

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The Crowd Pleasing Flavia Creation 600

Leave it to the clever people at Lavazza Professional to create a workplace hot drinks machine that manages to tick all of the boxes. Have a lot of tea drinkers? Tick! Vegans? Tick! Coffee aficionados? Tick! You have a workplace of individuals and the Flavia Creation 600 can help you keep them all happy by providing variety, quality and reliability.


Creation C600 Lavazza Coffee Pod Machine For Flavia Sachets Office Coffee Supplies

Impressive Variety 

The first thing that really makes the C600 stand out is a drinks menu that boasts industry leading variety. Lavazza coffee is Italy's favourite and all of the coffees are Lavazza. There are five of Lavazza's best known blends available at a touch of a button and if you are looking for a quick frothy barista coffee there are cappuccino, latte and flat whites to choose from in one Lavazza Flavia sachet. 

Not providing tea is where most single serve systems fall down. Lavazza Professional has not been completely coffee focused and understands that if you leave the tea drinkers out you aren't providing a well rounded system. Flavia not only has Twinings English Breakfast but also Earl Grey, green & herbal teas from the wonderful Bright Tea co. 

Hot Chocolate is a great way to add a little indulgence into your day no one knows chocolate like Cadbury. With the Flavia C600 you can enjoy it's silky smooth deliciousness anytime. 

There are currently nineteen different Lavazza Flavia sachets to choose from. Your workplace hot drinks should never be boring and the Flavia Creation 600 guarantees you'll never get stuck in a rut. 

Sachets for Flavia Creation 600 Office Coffee Pod Machines Office Coffee Supplies

Versitile Milk Frothing  

The next thing that really makes the Flavia Creation 600 shine is its ability to froth fresh milk in cup. Not just dairy.........The Flavia C600 froths dairy alternatives too which makes it a complete game changer! Because the frothing is done in cup instead of through milk tubes there is no cross contamination so people with dairy allergies or who are vegans are compley catered for. The in cup frothing also means there are no tubes to clean so things stay hygienic and mess free! 

Intuitive Interface

All the variety in the world won't impress if a machine is too fiddly to use but you will have no concerns with the Flavia C600. The touch screen is very user friendly with it's easy scroll menu with large clear pictures and drinks descriptions. just choose your drink and add the correct freshpack to brew. What could be simpler!

 No Need To Touch 

We are all now super aware workplace hygiene is and how important it is to stop the spread of germs and Lavazza Professional gets it right by making sure the Flavia Creation 600 can operate totally touch free via its Tap N Brew app! The Flavia Tap N’ Brew app mirrors the C600 screen’s functionality to select, personalise and brew favourite hot drinks directly from a smartphone.

 Clever Cup Stand   

It may seem like a small detail but the Flavia Creation 600 has a cup stand that moves up and down depending on your drink choice. This slick little design feature ensures that your drink is brewed as perfectly as possible and also means there are no splash backs which keeps things look clean and tidy.

It Gives You A Heads Up

Does your current coffee machine tell you when you are low on drinks or office coffee supplies? Can it tell you if there is a spill on the floor? Probably not but the Flavia Creation 600 sends handy alerts to your phone when you need to reorder or if things have gotten messy. 

Some Things Never Change

Some things never change and you don't always want them to. Case in point Lavazza Professional's industry leading relaibility. The C600 has been engineered to last and has the same durability has its predacessors so your workplace can enjoy all the Flavia has to offer uniterupted by frequent faults.

Mess Free 

It can really hamper the enjoyment of a machine if everything around it is always in complete disarray or if you are constantly having to interupt your workday to do inetrnal cleanings etc. Lavazza Professional's freshpack technology means that all the machine really needs is a wipe down of its exterior and the Lavazza Flavia sachet bin emptied both of which are quick and easy to do. No icky tubes to flush and no coffee grounds all over the place. 

Can Go Anywhere

Flavia machines aren't very big when compared to some machines so can fit into most spaces and you have the choice of having it jug filled or having it plumbed into the water mains. 


Office Barista has over 60 years of experience keeping customer's happy and we have been fans of the Flavia machines since the early 90s and we have placed them in small business and have filled the buildings of inetrnational business with them and they always prove a success. Check out this review from Microsoft Ireland for instance. 

Creation C600 Lavazza Coffee Pod Machine For Flavia Sachets Office Coffee Supplies

Still unsure? We are Flavia enthusiast and love talking about the C600 so just get in touch for more information.