Why Our Customers Love The Krea Touch Bean To Cup Machine

Posted by Paula Poots on

Why Our Customers Love The Krea Touch Bean To Cup Machine

We have seen a surge of enquiries about bean to cup recently & the one that has really peaked interest is the Krea Touch bean to cup coffee machine from Necta. Customers have been charmed by its elegant & sleek design but completely won over by its impressive brewing capability!

Good Looks

The first thing people notice about the Krea Touch is how incredibly good it looks. It's show stopping!  A customisable, decorative LED light highlights beautiful, chrome frames & appealing, shiny, black surfaces. A wide touchscreen is the cherry on top that makes this hot drinks machine a coffee station gem. 

Business coffee machines are a very typical place for people to linger so why waste the branding opportunity? The Krea has a 7'' HD touchscreen which is extremely user friendly and has easy video management so you can showcase your brand or latest company news or anything else you fancy on the touchscreen when its not in use. 


Krea Touch Bean To Cup Machine



Great Coffee

When your staff or customers step up for their coffee cup they will find this piece of coffee equipment extremely user friendly. The interactive touchscreen is intuitive and clearly displays the drinks on offer so they will have no trouble selecting exactly the drink for them.

What a selection it is! The Krea allows for ten selections from over 20 pre programed drink options or you can design your own drink recipe completely from scratch and program it with your own image if you like. Could make the office coffee round a snap!

The Krea Touch's barista style coffee is a marvel. It is an excellent milk frother and the milk foam produced from the milk granules is dense and delicious. We use Lavazza Coffee beans and Regilait granules to make ours. Close your eyes and you could have just been handed this coffee to you by your favourite barista! 

Easy Maintenance

The difficulty with any bean to cup machine is in the cleaning. Any machine of this caliber takes a bit of effort to keep clean and running smoothly but the easy to clean stainless steel delivery area, colour coded internal components and guided cleaning routine makes keeping the machine in order stress free.

The Krea Touch boasts hygiene features.Touch free coffee machines have become more important in recent times. The Krea Touch can be a hands free coffee machine when used with app to limit the spread of germs in your workspace. 

Want to know more? We love talking about our machines! Why not contact us and arrange a visit or request to come and see us. 

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