Lavazza Bean To Cup Machines.....A Great Vending Machine Alternative

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Lavazza Bean To Cup Machines.....A Great Vending Machine Alternative

A Bean to Cup machine can be a great alternative to a traditional hot drinks vending machine, especially when paired with delicious Lavazza coffee and it can really look the professional part when displayed with your choice of Lavazza branded tower.

There is, of course, a time and place for a traditional coffee and tea vending machine but quite often its not the right look for your business and the higher quality and better variety you receive from a bean to cup machine can be just the thing that impresses your customers, visitors and staff. We know how important it is to you that the look and branding be as sophisticated as possible.

Bean to cup machines grind coffee beans themselves so you get a fresh, quality coffee cup every single time  where as most traditional vending hot drinks machines use instant coffee which is never going to have the same taste or aroma. These machines offer delicious barista style coffee without any hassle at the touch of a button.

Lavazza coffee is Italy's favourite coffee bean and ours as well, so we know that using these beans enhances the experience even further. We wouldn't put any other beans in our bean to cup machines.

When using fresh milk you get a better tasting cappuccino or latte and its something a traditional office vending machine just can't offer. Having fresh milk provides your staff and customers with the complete coffee shop experience at the touch of a button.

The Lavazza coffee branded towers are especially good for businesses with lots of customer traffic such as shops or showrooms. In addition to providing some of the best coffee on the market for your staff and customers your bean to cup coffee machines can be a very nice earner.

These coffee machines can be a huge draw for your customers. Lavazza coffee is a well known and well-loved brand so leaving without a cup in hand will be very hard for them to resist.

Customers are usually very happy to pay more money when they feel like they are getting a top of the line hot drink. Our range of bean to cup machines come with pay pod options to allow you to set a selling price that ensures your coffee machine is profitable.

We work very hard and put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring we provide the best bean to cup range possible for our customers and couldn't be prouder of our impressive range of bean to cup machines from Bravilor and Douwe Egberts. Both brands are at the top of their field when it comes to providing unbeatable quality, style and reliability.

The Bravilor Esprecious is our best selling bean to cup machine and with very good reason. Its affordability, design and reliability make it a very attractive option.

The Douwe Egberts Barista ONE brings the authentic espresso bar experience to any environment but with the ease you expect from a fully automatic espresso machine. This espresso machine creates a tasty variation in the blink of an eye, from a powerful espresso to a silky smooth cappuccino or an indulgent latte.

The slick-looking stainless steel front of the Barista ONE creates a premium look and a high-quality appearance combined with a simple, user-friendly and intuitive full-colour 7-inch touchscreen to select and prepare the beverages.

These options all look impressive with Lavazza branded coffee towers which have space for the office coffee machines, cup holders and ancillaries and they all have bins with chutes. You are also able to choose from a selection of Lavazza branding options that suit your office, showroom, or shop best.

                                    Bravilor Esprecious Bean To Cup Machine With A Lavazza Coffee Bean Branded Cabinet                           

Please don't forget all the little extras that can make a big difference to sales! We can also provide Lavazza branded take away paper coffee cups and point of sale so marketing your new machine comes with no complications.

First impressions are extremely important to everyone and you want your business to look its absolute best. Given the extremely high quality of these coffee machines matched with the great look and convenience of the Lavazza branded towers we know that they will give the impact your business desires.

Office Barista machines and Lavazza coffee could be the reason your customers start to make your shop a must place visit every morning before they go to work or the school run or the reason a customer lingers a little longer to look over your wares. After all who wouldn't take a quick detour for the right cup of coffee?

We can help you choose the best alternative to a traditional vending machine for you whether its Keurig, Flavia or bean to cup machines so you can have better coffee at work. We are proud to have the best range of not only machines but also coffee and tea supplies in the UK and Ireland.

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*We are authorised Keurig UK distributors