Flavia Coffee Machines - Microsoft Ireland Testimonial

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Flavia Coffee Machines - Microsoft Ireland Testimonial

Happy customers say a lot more about our hot drinks machines and our customer service than I could ever hope to - many thanks to Eric O'Connell at Microsoft Ireland for providing this review:

Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Here at Microsoft Ireland in Dublin, we have over 1200 full time employees augmented by an extensive vendor support team, so it's really important that our hot drinks provision is high quality, affordable, and easy to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Right from the start of the procurement process, I found Office Barista easy to work with, and having had our Flavia Creation machines for some time now, I'm impressed with the professional hot drinks service these machines provide.

The Flavia Creation machines are super-reliable, compact, and easily situated around the building. Cleaning and restocking the Flavias is quick and easy. The Flavia drinks include a great choice of coffees, Cadbury hot chocolate, black, green, herbal & infusion teas which is very important with an international workforce, and the drinks re-order process is simple and flexible.

Overall, I'm delighted with our Flavia Creation machines and the service provided by Office Barista.

Eric O'Connell, Procurement Manager, Microsoft Ireland.

Flavia Creation 600 Touch Free Coffee Machine Tea & Coffee Machine

*Lavazza Professional UK Flavia machines are a great alternative when replacing your Kenco Singles Machine

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