BEAN TO CUP at the touch of a button

A fully automatic bean to cup machine, the Bravilor Esprecious delivers the perfect espresso with freshly ground coffee beans and a beautiful crème layer. In fact, thanks to its double outlet, the Esprecious can deliver two perfect espressos in just 33 seconds! Fill the dry ingredients canisters with powdered milk and hot chocolate to offer coffee specialities such as cappuccino and latte macchiato. This smart, fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine features an intuitive touchscreen to guides users through drink selections, and its step-by-step cleaning schedule.

Bravilor Esprecious Espresso
Perfect Espresso
Bravilor Esprecious Double Outlet
Double Outlet
Bravilor Esprecious Touchscreen
Intuitive Touchscreen
Bravilor Esprecious Cleaning
On-screen Cleaning Guide

Bravilor Bonamat

Is the Bravilor Especious the bean to cup machine for you?

  •  All bean to cup machines require a relatively significant capital outlay. The Bravilor Esprecious strikes a great balance of drinks choices, user-friendly features and reliability without breaking the bank. 
  •  On-screen cleaning instructions and the optional payment module make the Esprecious the ideal choice for a relatively self-sufficient bean to cup coffee solution. 
  • For bean to cup machines offering options such as fresh milk-based drinks and flavoured syrups, check out the Franke range.
  •  For an alternative take on the freshly ground espressos and powdered milk drinks produced by the Esprecious, and more tea options, consider the Flavia Barista pod machine.

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Key Features

  •  Perfect espressos via double outlet
  •  Whole bean hoppers
  •  Powdered milk, and chocolate or soup
  • Intuitive touchscreen for easy operation 
  •  Compatible with coin exchangers 
  •  Automated cleaning schedule

Technical Specifications


H: 660mm / W: 330mm / D: 570mm


230V~ 50Hz 2250W

Water Requirements

Metal hose with G3/8” union nut, L = 1.5m, water pressure 1 bar

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Just for you

Four different models offer a choice of Whole bean hoppers and one or two canisters for dry ingredients, making it easier to match ingredients to your drinks menu and volume requirements

Speaks for Itself 

The Esprecious' touchscreen can present photo, video and audio, allowing you to share corporate news and messages or market new products.

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