Lavazza Coffee - The Low Down

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Lavazza Coffee - The Low Down

Lavazza coffee beans – the low down

Known as ‘Italy’s Favourite Coffee’ Lavazza’s popular blend of finest quality coffee is served in cafes & restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

After testing and selling alternative coffee brands over 20 years - we have listened to our customers and now exclusively stock Lavazza coffee for all our hot drink machines.



Lavazza Coffee Cheap Coffee Supplies
Lavazza Tierra Rainforest Alliance Bean is an excellent coffee used in coffee shops and restaurants. It is the best quality Lavazza coffee – we recommend this if you want superior quality coffee to impress clients, or are looking to resell the coffee in a hospitality setting by marketing it as a certified bean.

Blended with 100% Central and South American milds, the aroma and intense liquor flavour of Central American coffee combines with the soft scent and delicate acidity of South American coffees.




Lavazza Super Crema whole bean espresso roast is the most popular with our clients. Perfect for bean to cup coffee machines, this coffee bean choice perfectly strikes the balance between quality and affordability.

A combination of washed and unwashed Arabica and Washed Robusta coffee beans that originate from Brazil, Central America, and Indonesia, Super Crema is a perennial favourite coffee cup with a light-to-medium body, delicious hazelnut aromas, and sweet, fruity notes with just a touch of smokiness.


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