North America's favourite Keurig coffee machines are now available in the UK, and Office Barista is delighted to be one of a handful of Keurig UK distributors. Click through to see more about the Keurig K150 and Keurig K140 machines.


Unmatched Gram-per-cup

Keurig pods are twice as generous as the average coffee pod and Keurig machines offer a much greater choice of drinks size.
A Keurig Barista Prima K Cup contains 13.4 grams of coffee and can serve up to a 300ml drink versus just 5g and 110ml with the leading European espresso system.
With Keurig your staff and customers can enjoy the larger drinks that consumers now expect, without compromising on flavour (or using several pods!)


  • Which Keurig Machine?

    Keurig coffee machines are stylish, reliable and easy to use. Should you chose the Keurig K140 or the Keurig K150? We recommend the K140 machine Coffee Pod Machine for very small offices and meeting rooms. It is compact for those with limited space, has a refillable water tank, and brews in under one minute at just the touch of a button. If you have more than 10 people in your office you'll want to consider the K150P, with an interactive colour touchscreen and is plumbed in for back to back brewing. Over 30 or 40 people and you may want a couple of K150s - but fear not, they wont break the bank! Check out our Help Me Choose page for more advice and hot drinks machine options from across our full range.

  • Keurig in the UK

    Keurig launched its first single serve coffee machines in 1998. Designed to fulfil the need for better office coffee, they were quickly the market leading office coffee machines in the USA and Canada. When Keurig decided to enter the UK market, they approached Office Barista, inviting us to become the sole Keurig distributor in Ireland, and one of a handful of Keurig UK distributors. Keurig means ‘excellence’ in Dutch and is the resounding principle on which its founders created it - a principle we share here at Office Barista. I spent a week in Montreal, meeting the Keurig team and inspecting the K-Cup production process from roasting to packing. We agreed to help launch Keurig coffee pod machines in the UK, and the rest is history! You can read more about the history of Keurig UK here.

  • Keurig Accessories

    Practical and stylish, the new Keurig UK K150 series of accessories compliments your Keurig tea and coffee machine perfectly. There are four condiment drawers for your sugar, stirrers and milk, a cup holder for your paper cups, and a K-Cup display that holds two boxes of your favourite Keurig pods. Its modular nature means that you can choose just one accessory or all three to meet your needs and turn your Keurig coffee maker into a really tidy, professional hot drinks station.

freshness in every K Cup

Each K-Cup® pod contains the finest ingredients - ground, measured and sealed in individual airtight pods. Your Monday morning coffee and Thursday evening green tea will both be equally fresh and delicious.