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North America's favourite Keurig coffee machines are now available in the UK, and Office Barista is delighted to be one of a handful of Keurig UK distributors. Keurig K Cups offer large, high quality drinks and some of the best-loved brands, including Starbucks coffees, Barista Prima and Twinings teas, so its unsurprising that Keurig coffee machines are receiving a phenomenal response in the UK market. Click through to see more about the Keurig K150 and Keurig K140 machines and take advantage of our best price guarantee or browse the Keurig K Cup range.


There's a K-Cup pod for everyone in the office

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From Starbucks to Twinings, Keurig offers drinks from a whole range of well-loved brands in the patented Keurig K Cup. Single origin, blended and flavoured coffees, black, green and herbal teas, and even hot chocolate. Unmatched gram-per-cup ratio, K Cups offer large drinks without compromising flavour (or needing several pods!).

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Which Keurig Machine?

Keurig coffee machines are stylish, reliable and easy to use. They serve an impressive range of K Cups including Starbucks coffee and Twinings Tea - but should you chose the Keurig K140 or the Keurig K150? We recommend the K140 machine for very small offices and meeting rooms. It is compact for those with limited space, has a refillable water tank, and brews in under one minute at just the touch of a button. If you have more than 10 people in your office you'll want to consider the K150, with an interactive colour touchscreen, a larger water tank and the option to plumb-in. Over 30 or 40 people and you may want a couple of K150s - but fear not, they wont break the bank! Check out our Help Me Choose page for more advice and hot drinks machine options from across our full range.

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