Why you need a tea machine in your office

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Why you need a tea machine in your office

It’s a well known fact that the UK is a nation of tea drinkers.

According to Wikipedia “The British are one of the largest tea consumers in the world, with each person consuming on average 1.9 kg per year…..[and] tea breaks are an essential part of the working day."

Here at Office Barista we know that 40% of hot drinks consumed in the office are tea, so when you call us to say you are thinking about getting a new coffee machine for your office, we understand that what you really want is to offer staff and visitors better hot drinks - not just coffee.

We alway gently suggest that you consider a hot drinks machine - a tea AND coffee machine that will also serve hot chocolate for when your team feel like a real treat!

A tea machine solves many problems for the tea drinkers in your office - from being too busy to make a round of tea for everyone, to arguments over which tea bags taste best, to being served tea that is stale or just too weak. With a tea machine, there will be a range of teas on offer, in single-serve pods or sachets that keep the tea leaves fresh, and the machine will make sure that every cuppa is perfectly brewed.

Luckily for you, we stock the two best-selling ranges of tea machines for the UK workplace - and they both offer a fantastic range of coffees too, so everyone gets a high quality hot drink to suit.

Flavia Tea Machines


Flavia Creation 600 office coffee pod machine
Flavia Touchscreen Coffee machines are the clear market leader for office tea machines. All of Flavia’s machines offer a range of 9 different Bright Tea Company teas. There are 3 different breakfast teas - including a strong and a decaf -  as well as Earl Grey, Lemon, Raspberry, Peppermint and Green Teas. Flavia hasn’t forgotten your coffee cup either, offering a similarly broad range of coffees with a range of origins and roasts, and latte, cappuccino, decaf and flavoured options. There is also the option of an indulgent Cadbury hot chocolate! Read more about how the Flavia drinks machines brew a perfect cuppa, or check out the Flavia C060.


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