Making The Flavia Coffee Machine Profitable

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Making The Flavia Coffee Machine Profitable

In most offices, it makes business sense to provide free tea and coffee for your staff and visitors, but many larger employers choose to charge a small sum to cover running these costs. For businesses that have a public waiting room on their premises, a Flavia tea and coffee machine can provide a welcome refreshment to your customers while they wait, and make a tidy sum for your business, especially when its is well displayed on a base cabinet in a accessible location with a pay pod.

Most of your staff's daily coffee consumption hours probably occur during the work day so you have a captive audience not to mention the work time that will be conserved when your staff don't have to leave the premises for a take away coffee. Why have them spend their money elsewhere when it could end up in your business's coffers.

There is also the added benefit of saving them money with Flavia hot drinks being massively cheaper than the £2.50 they are likely to pay at your local coffee shop. Flavia coffee machines are able to offer Lattes, Mochas & Cappuccinos so no one will have to compromise. Check out this article from Metro on how much people are spending a year on takeaway coffee! 

A Flavia pay pod is essential to covering your costs or generating profits from your office coffee machine. Flavia Pay pod options include both coin operated and cashless pay pods with both VMC and Nayax card readers.

Whichever you choose the card readers are extremely reliable and intuitively easy to use so you don't have to worry about flustered or confused customers. Having loose change in pockets isn't necessarily the norm anymore so this also helps you capture those customers who's pockets no longer jingle.

Location, location, location. Everyone knows this is has always been the key to selling your wares.

Having your coffee and tea located in accessible, high traffic areas will ensure that grabbing their favourite coffee cup will be hard to resist when they are passing. If its in a dark corner of the office between filing cabinets or behind someone's desk its just never going to be as appealing.

If you make sure there is plenty of room, good lighting and even maybe a comfortable seating area then making it everyone's favourite place to congregate is a snap. It is well known that encouraging your staff to socialise encourages creativity and outside of the box thinking which can only improve your business.

Think about offering as wide a range of hot drinks as possible. Everyone loves variety and Flavia drinks have this in abundance with coffee from Taylors of Harrogate and Alterra Roasters, Tea from Taylors Yorkshire Tea and a wide variety of black and herbal teas from the Bright Tea Company and of course decadent Galaxy hot chocolate.

Having a delicious cappuccino or latte on offer is as simple as providing Real Milk Froth freshpacks. Ensuring that you always have exactly what your staff are craving will keep them coming back for more and purchasing.

Flavia Drinks Tea selection

Make sure you have all the right ancillaries, supplies and accruements. Making sure everyone is able to have their hot drink just the way they like it by providing fresh milk or milk pots, sweeteners & sugar and making them visible and accessible.

A few extras can really go a long way with your customers here. Cinnamon can be the perfect finishing touch for cappuccinos and a dusting of cocoa powder or mini marshmallows will make that hot chocolate completely irresistible to even the strongest will power.

Don't forget all of your tea drinkers! Honey is a healthier alternative to refined sugar and may help anyone along who is starting to feel a little under the weather.

The office drinks station needs to be appealing and keeping it tidy is half the battle. Flavia's stylish base cabinets not only provide ample room for the machine, merchandiser and pay pod but has plenty of space underneath it to coral all of your surplus coffee supplies and cleaning materials.

What's worse than a stinky overflowing rubbish bin. Yuck!

There is space underneath the Flavia base cabinet for a bin and an outer chute so you don't have to keep an unsightly bin outside.

We offer a price match guarantee** on all like for like products so you wont find Flavia machines and products cheaper anywhere else so you can offer your hot drinks at desirable prices. Flavia fresh pack prices currently start at only an unbeatable 20p per sachet.

As one of the UK and Ireland's leading coffee suppliers we can help you choose which office coffee machine is best and how we can help you make it profitable. Contact Us Now to see how we can make better coffee work for your business.

*Flavia machines are a great alternative when you are replacing your Kenco Singles Machine

**Price Match Guarantee only applies at time of purchase and we are unable to price match after purchase.

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