K-Cups & Keurig Office Pod Machines - UK & Ireland Distributor!

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K-Cups & Keurig Office Pod Machines - UK & Ireland Distributor!

Drawing of a Keurig Coffee pod machine

There is no denying that Keurig K Cups have revolutionized the way we drink coffee. If you haven’t seen Keurig cups, you might know them better as coffee pods, for coffee pod machines. You know the ones and voila! Within 40 seconds you’ve got great tasting coffee cup!

When Keurig launched its first single serve coffee brewers in 1998, they were designed to fulfill the need for BETTER office coffee – certainly better than the bland watery hot drinks that vending machines were able to offer at the time.

Office Barista - leading Irish distributor for Keurig machines 

Keurig Coffee Pods for Keurig Coffee Machines

I first realised the excellence that K Cups offer, when Office Barista was approached to become a K Cup distributor in Ireland. As experts in single serve hot drinks machines, we were approached by Canadian master coffee roasters for K Cups, Van Houtte (now owned by Keurig).

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality office coffee, and we wanted to ensure we were offering the best single serve office coffee machines to our expanding market in Ireland and the UK. Keurig means ‘excellence’ in Dutch and is the resounding principle on which its founders created it - a principle we share here at Office Barista.

I was invited to spend a week in Montreal,  to inspect the production of the K-Cup and the roasting process. I saw everything on the K cup production process, from roasting the beans to packing the K Cups. And the care and attention place on each individual roast was impeccable. I was highly impressed that there was such a variety of K Cup coffee roasts available - and each one had double filter system was employed to ensure every K Cup contained the best tasting coffee possible.

Because of this we agreed to become the sole Keurig distributor in Ireland, and are proud to be one of a handful of Keurig Office K-Cup distributors in the UK.  

K Cups: Excellence in Variety

At the time we were being asked by customers for bean to cup machines. But I could see the benefits of office pod machines while watching the K Cups being produced. You can please everybody in the office by offering their personal favourite blend or roast of coffee. This simply is not possible with a bean to cup coffee machine, where you are committed to one coffee roast. Offering superior barista quality office coffee is at the core of our business values and I knew my customers would love Keurig pod machines - all produced to an exceptional standard for the perfect office drink.

Keurig machines are small and moveable, so could be placed in different areas in the workplaces - meeting rooms, breakout areas, and reception areas. Our customers across the UK and Ireland are using K-Cup technology and Keurig coffee and tea machines throughout their workplace to offer ease of use, variety, and above all, great tasting office coffee.


Andrew Steen
MD Office Barista

Andrew Steen Managing Director at Office Barista




K-Cup coffee machine offers

The newly released Keurig K150 (replacing their K140 coffee machine) is Keurig's best yet. Fuss free, easy to use, fast brewing and extremely low on capital outlay.

*Don't forget your disposable cups at checkout!