The Impressive Flavia Coffee Range

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The Impressive Flavia Coffee Range

You cant please everyone all of the time......or so they say. We think the quality and variety of Flavia Coffee offered by Flavia office coffee machines says otherwise.

Flavia coffee machines actually offer everything from hot chocolate to teas but the delicious range of Flavia coffees is where they really shine.

Flavia C600 Coffee Vending Machine With Fresh Milk Frother

Lavazza Coffees

Lavazza Coffee has long been Italy's favourite and we are pleased to now be able to bring it to you for your Flavia Coffee Machine. 

Espresso Italiano - Since 1895, four generations of the Lavazza family have devoted their lives to the pursuit of coffee perfection. One delicious cup of Espresso Italiano , and you'll know why it's Italy's favorite coffee. Let our passion be your pleasure. 100% Arabica blend from Central and South America with highly aromatic notes and a deep, rich flavour, this traditional recipe has a uniquely Italian coffee aroma. 

Qualita OroFlavia Lavazza Qualità Oro is the symbol of Lavazza’s ability to create exceptional coffee blends, every time. The 100% Arabica beans from Central & South America have an inviting dark colour & velvety texture with notes of fruit & flowers. You will love its sweet & refined taste. 

Qualita Rossa - Flavia Lavazza Qualità Rossa is the pleasure of good coffee that Italian families keep close by on their coffee breaks. With an unmistakable aroma to happily recharge your batteries and share magic moments. 

Crema E Gusto - Flavia Lavazza Crema E Gusto Coffee is a soft, round and enveloping blend composed mainly of high-quality Arabica from Brazil and Robusta from South East Asia. A perfect harmony between body and spiced notes. An enveloping blend to enjoy at any time of day.

Cafe Decaffeinato -  Flavia Lavazza Cafe Decaffeinato is an aromatic, well-balanced blend from Central America. Experience a full-bodied, unforgettable flavour. This Decaffeinated blend is ideal if you want to avoid caffeine without giving up the luxury of authentic Italian coffee. 


Single Pack Indulgence Range


Flat White -  A stronger, bolder coffee made with a blend of instant coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder for a strong flat white.

Cappuccino - A strong mix of Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder perfectly blended to create a delightful, frothy Cappuccino.

LatteEnjoy a luxurious, sweet latte made with Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee and skimmed milk powder for a lighter, smoother latte experience.

Mocha - The perfect balance of chocolate and coffee, with Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee beans, skimmed milk powder and cocoa powder for a velvety Mocha.

Flavia Coffee Pod Machine Drinks Tea Selections


Teas & Hot Chocolate

What is more comforting than teas and hot chocolates? The Flavia range includes delicious teas from the Bright Tea Company. Green Teas and herbals are all available for special order so ring us for details. 

Every day needs a little indulgence and Cadburys Hot Chocolate delivers velvety, chocolatey happiness in a single sachet from a brand you know and love.  

We can help you choose which coffee and tea machine is best for your UK office or business and give you advice on which Flavia supplies you need so Contact Us now!

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