Better Coffee Works – But What is Better Office Coffee?

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Better Coffee Works – But What is Better Office Coffee?

Coffee choices and expectations have expanded rapidly over the past 20 years.

Selecting the right office coffee machine to suit you is now more complicated, but also more likely to be rewarding. So how do you choose good coffee?

The quality of the coffee from your coffee machine is a combination of the bean and the brewing process.


Krea Touch Bean To Cup Coffee Machine


Choosing Great Coffee Beans

The world of coffee is dominated by two types of coffee bean, Arabica and Robusta. The International Coffee Organisation is constantly setting new guidelines to raise standards. Arabica is a higher quality drinking coffee, and is used for most pods and bean to cup machines. Robusta lives up to its name, being a stronger and more bitter taste, and is used more for instant coffee and flavouring.

Arabica coffee was originally a native of Ethiopia, but is now the backbone of the coffee industry in Brazil, Indonesia, the West Indies and Central America. Coffee is a major part of the economies of those countries, and they compete for business by driving improvement.

The variety of the Arabica plant, the growing region and the roasting process all have an impact on the flavour profile of the coffee – and whilst one person’s taste buds may delight at an aromatic medium roast from Columbia, others in your office might go straight for a bold, dark Sumatran roast, so you’ll want to choose an office coffee machine that offers a range of quality coffees, whether served in coffee pods or poured directly into your bean to cup coffee machine.

Choosing an Office Coffee Machine

The temperature of the water, the pressure and the brewing time all make a difference to the taste. And of course you don’t want those carefully selected beans going stale, or your coffee cup being tainted by a hot drinks machine that is difficult to keep clean.

The coffee machines we select for our range ( Flavia coffee and tea machine, Lavazza Coffee, Krea Touch & Bravilor bean to cup coffee machines) all offer a variety of great coffees, as well as teas and hot chocolates, and have finely-tuned brewing processes to deliver fresh, tasty drinks every time.


Flavia Creation 600 Coffee Pod Machine


At Office Barista we can help you choose the office coffee machine that best suits your particular requirements. To find out more give us a call on 02890 826 111 or get in touch by email and we will get back to you.

** You can lease or hire coffee machines from Office Barista to keep up front costs to a minimum. We also offer operated agreements for bean to cup coffee machines!