True Cup Cost - What Are You REALLY Paying

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True Cup Cost - What Are You REALLY Paying

True Cup Cost is something that we feel very strongly about.

So what is it then?

True Cup Cost is the actual cost coffee cup from your office coffee machine, taking into account both the consumables and equipment used to make the drink.

It sounds very straightforward?

We believe it should be. It is a relatively simple calculation to make. And yet, it is very unusual to find somebody selling coffee and tea machines and using this calculation.

Why is that then?

Most marketing is designed to give the customer the perception of value rather than helping them make an informed choice. Coffee machine marketing is no different. The easiest way to make a Bean to Cup coffee machine appear like an economical choice is to forget about the cost of the machine and concentrate on the cost of the beans. The easiest way to make a pod system seem like a bargain is to give the machine away for free.

Cup of coffee made in one of our bean to cup coffee machines

So what do I need to do then?

To arrive at your True Cup Cost you need to establish 3 things. 

  • Equipment Cost per annum including Maintenance 
  • Average Consumables Cost per Drink
  • Drinks Volume

You can then divide your equipment cost by your drinks volume to calculate the impact that your equipment costs are having on the price of a drink.

If you would like some help calculating your True Cup Cost just get in touch with our UK Team here.

How can I manage True Cup Cost?

Choosing the right system for your needs and your drinks volume is the key to controlling your costs. You really need to weigh up both Equipment Costs and Consumables Costs alongside your Drinks Volume.

If you are paying more than you realise for your drinks then we haven't done our job properly. Spending a little bit more on your coffee can be a great way to show your team and your customers that you care - we will help make sure that you make an informed decision!

Bravilor Esprecious Touchscreen Coffee Machine

*Don't forget to get your paper cups and lids at checkout!