Tips for a Tidy Coffee Machine

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Tips for a Tidy Coffee Machine

There is nothing we love more than an immaculate, perfectly presented coffee station! 

So, how can you keep your coffee machine looking professional?

Flavia C600 which has a fresh milk frother at a tidy drinks station

Laying out your coffee area

At the risk of repeating ourselves, system choice is vital.

  • Consider the day-to-day management of your coffee machine as a key part of the buying process.
  • Ensure that your coffee machine fits your space comfortably, with room for ancillary storage and  space for adding paper coffee cups, sugar and milk.
  • Your bin should be as close as possible to the machine. In-counter bins are a tidy-convenient solution. 
  • Ensure that you store cleaning supplies close to your machine for easy access.
  • Coffee Pod Machines create less mess so are worth considering.

Managing your coffee area

  • We always provide plenty of advice, specific to each coffee and tea machine we sell.
  • Define who is going to be responsible for cleaning and re-stocking your office coffee machine.
  • Consider whether they can manage these responsibilities as part of their schedule.
  • Re-stock the area regularly not forgetting the coffees cups & ancillaries., tidy and wipe down any surfaces.
  • Plan machine cleaning routines for quiet times in the day when demand is low to avoid queues.
  • Consider one of our coffee towers which will keep supplies corralled with clever storage 

You may want to check out the Flavia Creation 600 or the Krea Touch bean to cup machine - some of the easiest UK hot drinks machines to keep clean and tidy - or for more help and advice specific to your business, get in touch now.

*You can hire or lease coffee machines from Office Barista to keep up front costs to a minimum. We also offer operated agreements for bean to cup coffee machines!

** Don't forget to buy your takeaway cups at check out!

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