Serve Lavazza coffee in your office

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Serve Lavazza coffee in your office

As sales manager here at Office Barista, my job is to visit clients in their office or workplace setting, and help them choose the right bean to cup coffee machine or office coffee pod machine for their needs. And as I explain to my clients, the perfect coffee cup isn’t just dependent on the machine – it’s also the type of coffee bean or coffee pod that gives you that barista style coffee.

Lavazza Paper Cup

Today I want to talk you through why I always recommend Lavazza Coffee beans for the perfect cup of office coffee. The Lavazza Coffee machine is not the only machine that can accommodate Lavazza coffee - Lavazza coffee beans can be used in a whole host of office coffee machines and are a popular partner for a Bravilor Bean to Cup machine.

You’ll be familiar with Lavazza coffee. Known as ‘Italy’s Favourite Coffee’ Lavazza’s popular blend of finest quality coffee is served in cafes & restaurants across the UK and Ireland. In 2013 Lavazza’s coffee shop expansion plans into the UK and Ireland made them a household name. Known for its excellent taste and supreme quality, Lavazza coffee beans and Lavazza ground filter coffee are the most popular choice with our customers - here’s why….


Why Lavazza coffee is the best office coffee

As Lavazza has grown in popularity, our customers are finding that their coffee machines are much more popular with their staff and clients (in waiting and reception areas) alike, if they serve Lavazza coffee. People simply know the brand, and are familiar with it’s great ethics and unbeatable quality.

Lavazza coffee beans are extremely good value, offering three different blends from premium certified to a lower cost hospitality option.

But using a substandard coffee brand can turn out to be a false economy.

One service based client recently told me that their coin operated bean to cup machine had been used 40% more by their staff once they changed to Lavazza coffee together with a Lavazza branded paper cup. Staff know that for around 70-90p, they are getting an excellent coffee shop quality that would cost over £2 in the high street. This client in particular also offers free granulated / freeze-dried coffee in the staff kitchen, but find that staff choose to pay for real Italian style coffee despite this free alternative.

Bottom-line, people simply prefer better office coffee. Lavazza’s superior quality Super Crema coffee bean certainly delivers on that! And this is why - after testing and selling alternative coffee brands over 20 years - we have listened to our customers and now exclusively stock Lavazza coffee for all our hot drink machines. 

TOP TIP: How to get the best from your office coffee
machine with Lavazza

Whether you are using a paypod on your office coffee machine or not, you’ll want your bean to cup coffee machine to be well used in the office.

If staff are getting barista style coffee in the office, they’ll be less likely to pop off to the coffee shop at break times, saving your business valuable time and money. Better coffee also boosts staff morale, and impresses clients!

To ensure your hot drinks machine is as popular in the office as possible, why not capitalize on Lavazza’s brand strength and serve coffee in Lavazza branded cups. Offering a hot drink in the 12oz branded single or double wall cup will greatly enhance the user experience as users will often taste with their eyes second to their tongue.

Using Lavazza branded cups everyone in the office will know that the coffee served from your machine is of barista style quality. This two prong approach works extremely well with those customers who host frequent client meetings as from a marketing point of view it greatly enhances that business environment.


For more information on bean to cup machines, Lavazza coffee makers, or best UK prices for Lavazza coffee, please get in touch with me at or call
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Read my low-down on Lavazza coffee beans, or check out Lavazza beans in our shop.

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Jamie Gardener
Business Development Manager
Office Barista


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