Keurig Coffee Pod Machine Alternative!

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Keurig Coffee Pod Machine Alternative!

Office Barista has been a Keurig hot drinks machine distributor for ten years in the UK & Ireland but due to many factors we will no longer suppling this tea and coffee machine or the K Cups but we do have an excellent alternative that is extremely popular with our customers.... The Flavia Creation 600 from Lavazza Professional. 

Lavazza Flavia coffee machine for office



The Flavia C600 business coffee machine is a customer favourite and its easy to why. Busy workplaces need a variety drinks to please a variety of people and no other machine does choice like the Flavia.

Lavazza Coffee 

The Flavia Lavazza Coffee machine offers four Lavazza standard coffees:

Qualita Rossa: The real crowd pleaser & the coffee you are most likely to find on Italian's kitchen counters. 

Qualita Oro: A lighter blend with an inviting dark colour & velvety texture with notes of fruit & flowers. You will love its sweet & refined taste. 

Crema E Gusto: A little stronger than Rossa, it is a soft, round and enveloping blend.

Espresso Italiano: The boldest of the bunch with highly aromatic notes and a deep, rich flavour, this traditional recipe has a uniquely Italian coffee aroma. 

All four of these coffees can be turned into your favoutite barista frothed drinks with a Flavia Real Milk Froth sachet! 

Indulgence Range

Flat White: A stronger, bolder coffee made with a blend of instant coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder for a strong flat white.

Cappuccino: A strong mix of Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder perfectly blended to create a delightful, frothy Cappuccino.

LatteEnjoy a luxurious, sweet latte made with Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee and skimmed milk powder for a lighter, smoother latte experience.

Mocha: The perfect balance of chocolate and coffee, with Prontissimo Espresso instant coffee, microground coffee beans, skimmed milk powder and cocoa powder for a velvety Mocha.

Tasty Teas

Twinings English Breakfast: Rich and full-bodied, our iconic English Breakfast will awaken your senses.

Bright Breakfast Tea: A classic favourite, our robust blend of 100% real leaf black tea is refreshing and full of flavour.

Bright Green Tea: Bright and fresh, our blend of 100% green tea leaves is light-bodied and revitalising.

Bright Lemon Tea: Light-bodied and zesty, a citrus lemon infusion with subtle floral flavours and notes of honey.

Bright Peppermint Tea: Bursting with fresh mint flavour, a refreshing infusion of real peppermint leaves.

Bright Earl Grey: A medium-bodied blend of real black tea leaves and fragrant bergamot with subtle floral flavours and notes of citrus.

Bright Decaf BreakFast Tea: The same great tasting tea without the caffeine boost. A decaffeinated alternative made from 100% real leaf black tea.

Chocolate Treat

Cadbury Hot Chocolate: Some days only chocolate will do so we've made sure its your favoutie brand!

Fresh Milk Drinks

In our opinion the most exciting feature of the Flavia C600 is its ability to froth any fresh milk including dairy alternatives in cup. This is a real game changer.

You can now easily help cater to your vegan staff & customers as nut, oat & coconut milks froth up beautifully and because it is frothed in cup there is no cross contamination.

In cup brewing also keeps everything neat, tidy & hygenic. There are no milk tubes to keep clean & its easier to keep your milks cold in the fridge until they are used. 

Keep Things Tidy

The Flavia C600 is super simple to keep clean & the Lavazza Flavia sachets go into an internal bin so hands don't get messy. In fact the Flavia C600 is completely touch free, if necessary, with its ability to brew via its Tap N Brew app! This is a great way to keep your drink station germ free which is especially important in the post Covid enviroment. 


One of the reasons that the Flavia are enduringly popular is their reliability. Lavazza Professional is well known for their rigorous testing which produces a machine that is as robust as it is beautiful. 

 Flavia hot drinks machine

We are massive Lavazza Professional fans & love talking about this machgine so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions & to find out how we can make better coffee work for your business!