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Our pricing policy is very simple. We will match any like-for-like quotation and retain your business based on the quality of our service.

Too many pricing policies are designed to hide costs where you don't expect them. Read more about decoding deal structures here or get in touch for an analysis of your current office hot drinks quote.

Our package offers are the best around! Taking machines that are already price-matched and adding drinks, merchandisers and extended warranties, our packages include everything you need to start drinking better office coffee now!

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How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Kenco Singles Machine?

By Paula Poots | | Flavia
Kenco Singles machines were delisted in 2013 and while still limitedly available from a select few distributors customers should expect that its only a matter of time before the coffee capsule machines, their related products and coffee supplies are phased out completely. If you are looking to replace your Kenco Singles machine we have a range of great alternatives for your coffee cup to consider. As one of the UK & Ireland's leading coffee suppliers, Office Barista knows that price is a huge factor when choosing coffee at work and probably one of the very first concerns that customers need addressed especially as price was one of the reasons you chose the Kenco Singles machine in the first place.
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Price Match Promise On Office Coffee Supplies

By Andrew Steen |

Our price match promise is very simple.

We will price-match on any of our product lines on a like-for-like basis and provide the great service that our customers know and love.

To contact us about Price Matching just click here.


*Price Match Guarantee does not apply to prices found on EBAY

**Price Match Guarantee only applies at time of purchase and we are unable to price match after purchase.

Paper Cups & Office Coffee Machine Supplies

By Paula Poots | | Office Coffee Supplies
Having the right disposable coffee cups and supplies for your hot drinks machine is crucial for keeping your drinks station running smoothly. The price can soon start to add up which is why we keep the prices on all of our disposable cups, sugar, stirrers and milk as low as possible. We offer a Price Match Guarantee on like for like items on all of our products whether its paper coffee cups for your bean to cup machine or milk pots and sugar for your Keurig or Flavia coffee and tea machine.
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Best Prices On Office Coffee

By Paula Poots | | Office Coffee Supplies
Our great prices don't just stop at office coffee machines. We know that the cost of what's in your coffee cup is a worry so we make sure that our prices for coffee, tea and hot chocolate for your hot drinks machine is the lowest you'll find. Whether its Starbucks coffee or Twinings Tea from Keurig UK, Segafredo Espresso or Yorkshire Tea for your Flavia coffee machine, or Italy's Favourite Lavazza coffee for your bean to cup machine we stand behind our Price Match Guarantee which means if you find a like for like product somewhere else we'll happily match!
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Packages For Our Best Coffee Pod Machines

By Paula Poots |
Who wouldn't love to get more and save money? We can offer our customers just that with our impressive packages for our Flavia coffee machines and hot drinks machines from Keurig UK. Packages include machines, drinks, merchandisers, warranties, delivery and installation all in one tidy bundle to ensure that getting set up with a hot drinks station couldn't be simpler and enjoying your favourite coffee cup is hassle free.
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Free Keurig Coffee Pod Machine - Starbucks Coffee in your office!

By Jamie Gardner | | Keurig
We are delighted to offer Keurig K150P hot drinks machines free on loan - you pay only for drinks.
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Simple Fixed Monthly Payments On Office Coffee Machines

By Andrew Steen |

Fixed monthly payments are becoming an increasingly popular deal structure for business.

If you would like the peace of mind of a fixed monthly outlay and a flexible agreement contact Office Barista today.

We have great drinks plans from £100 per month all inclusive.

Flexible Payment Options On Office Coffee Machines

By Andrew Steen |

In addition to our great prices we are happy to provide flexible payment options for all of our products.

A lot of promotions are based around a headline purchase price or monthly payment. We are always happy to *price-match these deals. In the majority of cases we will beat them!

Whether you are looking for the lowest possible purchase price, affordable monthly payments, or a "free hot drinks machine" plan with no capital outlay, we will structure your deal to suit you. We will also explain all the associated costs in detail  - we don't believe in restrictive agreements or hidden costs.

For a great deal that meets your needs contact our sales team now!


*Price Match Guarantee does not apply to prices found on EBAY

**Price Match Guarantee only applies at time of purchase and we are unable to price match after purchase.

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