Coffee Pod Versus Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

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Coffee Pod Versus Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

There are a number of important differences between Bean to Cup coffee machines and coffee pod machines.

These differences affect:

  • the drinks menu and quality;
  • the day to day operations required to run the coffee machine; and
  • the nature and timing of costs.

Most coffee machine manufacturers make either bean to cup machines or pod machines, but not both. Many coffee and tea machine suppliers sell either pod machines or bean to cup machines, but not both.This creates a lot of disinformation about the differences between bean to cup machines and pod systems!

At Office Barista, our range includes both Coffee Pod Machines and Bean to Cup Machines and we try very hard to give you unbiased advice about which is best for your business. Read on for more information on the key differences, or contact Office Barista for tailored advice.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  • Bean to Cup coffee machines grind coffee from the bean, we love Lavazza Coffee beans, for every drink individually.
  • Bean to Cup machines are primarily designed for the hospitality market.
  • A hospitality provider would be able to charge upwards of £2/€3 per drink for bean to cup coffee.
  • They make great retail coffee machines.
  • There is work to be done in managing a bean to cup machine to ensure that the drinks quality remains consistently high. This is something that hospitality users are accustomed to, but it can become a burden in an office environment.
  • Good-quality bean to cup machines are relatively expensive. This means that they require a certain drinks volume to become cost-effective. They can still be a great way to make an impression with clients in a low-volume location like a showroom or boardroom and we can help you understand the likely cost premium.
  • Bean to Cup coffee machines are a coffee-centric solution. Most bean to cup machines can be configured for hot chocolate but it is still very important to consider your tea selection and presentation.
  • We have a great range from Bravilor, Coffetek & Krea Touch bean to cup machines.

In an ideal world, every office would be offering a coffee menu from espresso to salted caramel lattes. With a little bit of management a bean to cup machine is a great way to do this. We can help you get the right machine and drinks menu for your office.


cup from bean to cup coffee machines


Coffee Pod Machines

  • Coffee pod machines work by sealing fresh ground coffee in a pod or pack.
  • This preserves the coffee in perfect condition until the moment it is brewed for the perfect coffee cup.
  • Most major coffee pod systems were originally designed for the workplace, although domestic machines are now readily available. These are not generally suitable for the workplace.
  • Pod systems are relatively easy to manage, clean and restock.
  • Coffee pod machines are relatively cheap. This means that they become cost-effective at low drinks volumes.
  • Pod machines can offer a wide variety of black, green and herbal teas and hot chocolates with the same delivery system.

Coffee pod machines are growing in popularity worldwide. In an office environment they offer a quality, varied drinks menu in a cost-effective, easily managed package. Our most popular ranges are the Flavia machines, both of which are designed for the office environment.

 You can lease or hire coffee machines from Office Barista to keep up front costs to a minimum. We also offer operated agreements for bean to cup coffee machines!

Click here to view our range of Professional Hot Drinks machines or contact Office Barista today  - we are always happy to give free impartial advice.

Krea Touch Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Which Is Available To Hire

*Ask us how a Lavazza coffee machine tower can boost your brand!

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