The new A600 from Franke Coffee Systems is a sophisticated bean to cup coffee machine, ideal for medium to large workplaces. The A600 provides endless possibilities with hot and cold milk - foam a cappuccino or froth a milk shake! If that's not enough, add a syrup into the mix, automatically.

Franke A600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Spout
Hot and Cold Drinks
Franke A600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine design
Franke A600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine screen
Franke A600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine milk foam


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Is the A600 the bean to cup
machine for you?

  • The A600 offers pretty much everything you could want from your bean to cup coffee machine. Many of the features are optional - so whether its flavoured syrups, cold milk foam for milkshakes, or a hot chocolate, you can choose to add the features that are important to you, without paying for those you don't need.
  • If you are happy without the milkshakes and flavoured coffee options, you may want to consider the slightly smaller A200.
  • For really high capacity sites, the larger Foammaster bean to cup machine offers an optional 12 litre milk refrigeration unit (vs 5 litres on the A600), and can serve two different types of milk, allowing everyone to treat themselves to a coffee or milkshake without blowing the diet plan!

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Key Features

  •  Hot and cold milk options
  •  Syrup dispensing station
  •  8-inch colour touchscreen
  •  Intuitive menu
  •  Long-life ceramic grinders
  •  Automated cleaning schedule

Technical Specifications


H: 730mm / W: 340mm / D: 600mm


220-240 V 1LN PE 50/60Hz 16 A, 2.4-2.8kW

Water Requirements

Metal hose with G3/8” union nut, L = 1.5m, water pressure 80 to 800 kPa (0.8 to 8.0 bar)

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Hot and Cold Drinks

Team your A600 with the unique FoamMaster system to add the perfect froth to hot and cold drinks. Refresh your taste buds with a fruity milkshake or design your perfect cappuccino!

Up to 3 Syrups

Enhance your coffee experience with a selection of your favourite syrups, bringing coffee shop quality to your workplace. Add caramel to your cappuccino or ginger bread to your winter latte.