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A fast and efficient hot drinks machine, the Bravilor Bonamat Bolero XL 423 provides rapid dispensing of up to 9 different drinks options at the simple touch of a button. Incredibly easy to fill and maintain, the Bolero XL 423 is ideally placed in busy self service areas. Please note the Bolero uses instant ingredients and as such is not a bean to cup machine - its included in the Office Barista range to provide an excellent option for those who are interested in bean to cup machine but find the cost or the maintenance requirements impractical.

Bravilor Esprecious Espresso
9 Drink Options
Bravilor Esprecious Double Outlet
Hot Water Spout
Bravilor Esprecious Touchscreen
LED Screen
Bravilor Esprecious Cleaning
Descale and Rinse

Bravilor Bolero Coffee Machine

Bravilor Bonamat

Is the Bravilor Bolero the coffee machine for you?

  • Bean to cup machines require a relatively significant capital outlay. The Bravilor Bolero uses instant ingredients and provides a very budget-friendly alternative for businesses where fresh bean coffee is not a priority. 
  • Quick drinks dispensing and the optional payment module make the Bolero a good choice for busy self-service areas.  
  • For a true bean to cup machine that doesn't break the bank, check out the Bravilor Esprecious.
  • For an alternative option on an affordable machine, but with freshly ground coffees, powdered milk drinks, and much better tea options, consider the Flavia Creation 500 machine.

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Key Features

  •  9 different drink options plus hot water tap
  •  4 x 13l canisters for dry ingredients
  •  Programmablecup/mug sizes and beverage strengths
  •  LED lighting for a clear menu 
  •  Compatible with coin exchangers 
  •  Descale and rinse program

Technical Specifications


H: 596mm / W: 338mm / D: 435mm


230V~ 50-60Hz 2230W

Water Requirements

Metal hose with G3/8” union nut, L = 1.5m, water pressure 1 bar

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