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Cafe culture has had a huge impact on coffee consumers' expectations. Your staff and visitors are used to the barista quality drinks they enjoy in cafes or restaurants, where sophisticated coffee machines are operated (and kept clean!) by full-time, specialist staff.

Our experts are used to managing the practical constraints of a busy workplace whilst providing the best possible hot drinks menu. Our team will make you aware of your options in terms of equipment, product menus, and service models.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision so please do browse our blogs below or get in touch for customised advice.

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How Lavazza Coffee Point Of Sale Items Can Increase Your Profits

By Paula Poots |
Once you have installed your Bean to Cup coffee machine and have filled it with delicious Lavazza coffee, Office Barista can help you make it more profitable by offering a range of point of sale (POS) items from Lavazza for your tea and coffee machine.
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A Guide to the Best Office Coffee Machine

By Andrew Steen | | Office Coffee Machines

Gone are the days of boiling the kettle and adding instant coffee. Great coffee increases productivity, helps create a happier place to work and highlights your professionalism to clients.

So you’re interested in a new office coffee machine, but with so many options available, where do you start? At Office Barista, we’ve done some of the work for you - read on to see our review of the best office coffee pod machines and bean to cup machines, or check out our top offers here

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Descaling A Keurig Coffee Machine

By Paula Poots | | Keurig
Descaling your Keurig coffee pod machine couldn't be similar and is vital if you consistently want a tasty, hassle free coffee cup.
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How To Use Your Office Coffee Machine For Charity

By Paula Poots | | Office Coffee Machines
We all want to make the world a better place.....we want to cure cancer, shelter the homeless, save the environment, fight the scourge of poverty and ensure that no child anywhere ever goes without another meal or clean water to drink. The tasks are monumental and while big efforts are important sometimes its the little things that add up that can make the all difference. Your tea and coffee machine can be an untapped charitable resource to help your business in its charitable giving and we have some tips to help you get started.
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Help Me Choose an Office Coffee Machine

By Andrew Steen | | Office Coffee Machines

We're excited to have launched our new 'Help Me Choose' tool to help you explore our range of office coffee machines.  








Professional Advice Coffee Cup


Whether you are looking for a bean to cup coffee machine for a showroom, a small office coffee machine for a meeting room, or a hot drinks machine suitable for a small, medium, or large office, our tool will guide you to look at the best tea and coffee machines for your business, and give you a quick run-down of the main pros and cons of each option.

Of course, we're still more than happy to give you one-to-one advice, so take a look and if you've got any questions don't hesitate to pick up the phone - 028 90 826 111,

Kind Regards,

Andrew Steen
MD Office Barista

Making The Flavia Coffee Machine Profitable

By Paula Poots | | Flavia
Have you thought about charging for use of your hot drinks machine? A Flavia tea and coffee machine can make a tidy sum for your business especially when its is well displayed on a base cabinet in a accessible location with a pay pod.
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How To Deep Clean Your Flavia Coffee Machine

By Paula Poots |
With no grounds to measure, filters to dispose of  or coffee pots to clean, Flavia makes keeping things tidy a breeze. Regular cleaning of your Flavia coffee and tea machine will ensure that your drinks station stays clean and that you'll get a consistently good coffee cup with every single use.
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How To Fix Error 328 On A Flavia Coffee Machine

By Paula Poots | | Flavia
An error 328 on your Flavia office coffee machine is a jammed sachet and is super simple to fix.
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Lavazza Bean To Cup Machines.....A Great Vending Machine Alternative

By Paula Poots | | Bean to cup
A Bean to Cup machine can be a great alternative to a traditional hot drinks vending machine especially when paired with delicious Lavazza coffee and can really look the part when displayed with your choice of Lavazza branded tower.
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Flavia C500....An Alternative Coffee Vending Machine

By Paula Poots | | Flavia
The Flavia C500 coffee & tea machine is reliable, stylish, compact and offers great variety for your coffee cup. If you are searching for an alternative to a traditional hot drinks vending machine the Creation 500 is certainly worth a look.
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