Forgetful? Set up a Reminder For Office Coffee Supplies

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Forgetful? Set up a Reminder For Office Coffee Supplies

In a busy workplace it can be difficult to keep an eye on everything. Sometimes when the coffee runs out it can seem like a crisis! 

Krea Touch Bean To Cup Machine With Fresh Milk Frother

We offer fast delivery, but as our products tend to have some shelf life there's no need to cut it too fine. We can help ensure that you never have any empty coffee cup by setting up a regular telephone call to manage your stock levels. 

We will work with you to manage your order frequency and ensure that you only ever order the stock you need without running out.

To set up a regular courtesy call to keep you in stock with our wonderful range of drinks from  Flavia & Lavazza Coffee, or any of our range of ancillaries including paper coffee cups just contact Office Barista today.

* We are an authorised Keurig UK distributor

**Ask us how a Lavazza Coffee Machine Tower can help boost your brand!

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