The Exciting New Flavia Creation 600

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The Exciting New Flavia Creation 600

The new Flavia Creation 600 from Lavazza Professional has arrived and we couldn't be more impressed or excited. It has completely exceeded our expectations with its beautiful new design, milk frothing abilities and touch free technology. It will be an incredible addition to any office drinks station.

Milk Frother Marvel

The most attention grabbing new feature of the Flavia C600 is of course its ability to froth fresh milk. Thats any milk you choose, including your favourite dairy alternative. Just put your chosen milk into the cup and add a Flavia sachet and let the C600 work its magic! A perfectly frothed barista favourite every time including cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites. 

Intuitive User Interface

Did we mention just how good this machine looks? Lets have another look at what we think is the best coffee pod machine on the market:

Touching the screen brings up your brewing options in the form of images of barista favorites with clear drinks descriptions followed by instructions that will guide the user to ensure making their coffee cup is hassle free. Absolutely no guess work.

Touch Free Technology

Recent events have highlighted that we need more hygienic conditions in the workplace and the Flavia C600 hands free coffee machine delivers with touch free brewing technology. With the handy Tap N' Brew coffee app you can brew your favorite hot drink without ever touching the machine.  

Automatic Cup Stand

The clever engineers at Lavazza Professional have thought of absolutely everything including a cup stand that automatically moves up and down depending on drink size and choice. This helps keep the machine cleaner and also guarantees drinks are perfectly brewed & frothed. It may seem like a little thing but we are impressed with just how slick a move it is.

Handy Alerts

Lavazza Professional has taken the guess work out of whether or not you need to restock your hot drinks or ancillaries. Receive alerts when you are low on fresh packs, stirrers or even if there has been a spill on the floor that needs cleaned up.

The Same Impressive Variety

The Flavia C600 coffee and tea machine still has the huge choice of drinks that you have come to love. The C600 boasts both black & herbal teas including customer favourite Cadbury Hot Chocolate!

The Same Reliability 

One of the reasons that the Flavia coffee vending machines are enduringly popular is their reliability. Lavazza Professional is well known for their rigorous testing which produces a machine that is as robust as it is beautiful. 

Easy Maintenance

 As with previous Flavia machines this machine requires very little effort to keep clean. All you have to do is keep the sachet bin empty and give it a wipe down. That's it. No more messy coffee station or having all the milk tube cleaning that usually comes with fresh milks systems due to in cup frothing.

Interested in hearing more about the Flavia C600 or any of our other coffee equipment? Feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

Flavia Creation 600 Lavazza Professional Coffee Pod Machine


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