Office Coffee Machines - Understanding Equipment Costs

Posted by Andrew Steen on

Office Coffee Machines - Understanding Equipment Costs

Office coffee machine costs should be straightforward and easily understood. Unfortunately this is not always the case. We want you to understand all the costs of your coffee machine. 

What Drives Coffee Machine Costs?

Capital Cost - There will obviously be a basic capital cost of your equipment. We can work with you to spread this cost. It is still important to consider, ideally in conjunction with drinks volume.

Maintenance Cost - Your coffee and tea machine will come with a warranty. We provide very reasonable maintenance contracts once a machine is out of warranty. However, different types of coffee machine require very different levels of maintenance so the ongoing maintenance costs are a key consideration in establishing the right machine for you.

Labour Costs - Some machines require more day-to-day attention than others. This is time that is not being spent on other activities and it is well worth considering as an overall cost of the system. 

How can You Control Coffee Machine Costs?

Equipment costs are easily managed. It is very important to consider them in conjunction with ingredients costs to establish the real cost per drink from your machine - what we call the True Cup Cost.

What is the best deal for Controlling Coffee Machine Costs?

We see a lot of deals and promotions that are designed to allay your concerns about equipment costs. In reality, proper system selection is the most important decision. Like anyone else, we offer great lease deals, rentals at attractive price points and even free machine deals. What we will not do is offer an attractive deal without clarifying all of the other costs of ownership! 

For an open and honest discussion about equipment costs and finding the right coffee machine for you, contact Office Barista.