Start your own office coffee club with a Keurig K150P!

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Start your own office coffee club with a Keurig K150P!

Ever thought about starting your own office coffee club?

Here at Office Barista we often get calls from staff at universities, schools, not-for-profit organisations or small businesses asking how staff can get great office coffee without the expense of buying from the local coffee shop.

According to the FT:
“Many office workers spend at least £2 a day on takeaway coffee, or £10 a week over 48 working weeks”*

If you work in a company that doesn’t have budget to provide a professional office coffee machine, I advise starting an Office Coffee Club. Pooling together a kitty with colleagues, you can get a commercial quality coffee pod machine for a lot less than you might think, and drink barista quality coffee in your staff room - for a tenth of the price of the coffee shop! In a recent article on the subject the FT says:

"The FT Money team has been trialing this system, and one of our caffeine addicts admits to having saved at least £5 a day by not purchasing the four cups of joe they would usually buy from the canteen."*

And it’s not just money you could be saving - it’s your precious break time too! Rather than spending 20 minutes of your lunch hour walking to the coffee shop or queuing at the canteen, you could simply press a button on a Keurig coffee pod machine...they’re more affordable than you’d think and your hot drink will be ready in just 40 seconds.

I’d love to hear your coffee club story….in fact I’ll even send you a free drinks package in exchange!

Find out more below...

Here’s how you can start your own coffee club at work:

1. Find out how much money you could save

To do a proper comparison, you’ll need to work out approximately how much you are currently spending on barista coffee.

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Assuming each staff member goes to the coffee shop once per day, and spends around £2.35 per drink, that adds up to £11.75 for just five drinks! Many people will need a minimum of two throughout the day - that takes your total to £23.50 for 10 drinks in just one week, or a whopping £1128 over the course of a working year!!

Next compare this with an office coffee solution...

My recommendation for the perfect staff-room hot drinks machine is the Keurig K150. It’s a commercial coffee and tea machine, so it’s much more robust than a Nespresso-style domestic pod machine but just as easy (and as clean) to operate. Its also serves a greater range of highest quality coffees, teas and hot chocolates, and larger drinks - with each Keurig K cup coffee capsule containing at least 11g of coffee, compared with just 6g in the leading domestic coffee pods. And our Keurig UK professional coffee machines feature back to back brewing, which means each member of staff can make their hot drink straight after the last.

At just £339 including 142 drinks, you’ll only need a small kitty to purchase the Keurig coffee machine. With 10 colleagues participating, just £20 each will pay for the Keurig machine and 14 drinks per person - so you are already saving money versus the £32.90 you’d each pay to buy those same 14 drinks in the coffee shop - and you have essentially got yourself a professional coffee machine for free!

After that you can replenish your supply of Keurig K cups with branded coffees and teas like Green Mountain, Starbucks and Twinings from just 27.5p for tea, and 32.5p for coffee - taking your weekly spend for 10 drinks from £23.50 to less than £3.25 and saving you nearly £1000 each per year!! Even if you only drink one coffee cup a day, I’m sure you can think of plenty of uses for your annual saving of over £500!

2. Get your colleagues onboard

Send an email to all your colleagues and put up a notice in the kitchen or most appropriate place - if you work in a school, in the staff room.

Let them know that they could save time and money by pooling together. Plus they’ll benefit from branded barista quality drinks at the touch of a button.

Send them links so they can...

Ask them to email you and confirm that they want to be involved in your office coffee club. Give a date that you’ll be placing the order for your pod machine so they don’t miss out!

3. Appoint an Office Barista! 

You’ll need someone to order your coffee machine equipment in the first place, and then to order the K cup drinks as needed. Some organisations will appoint the office manager or PA…. In others staff will take it in turns month by month, or someone will volunteer to take charge. Choose whichever works best for your workplace.

The Office Barista will be responsible for placing a central order for K cup capsules - usually once a month. Everyone in your coffee club simply chooses which boxes of delicious drinks they want to enjoy, marking this up on the handy menu we’ll send you, and gives their money to the coffee monitor, who places an online order in our shop. We offer free delivery on all orders over £100 so by clubbing together you will always get free delivery on your tea and coffee pods.

4. Enjoy better coffee at work!

You can choose from a range of Keurig K Cup coffees, teas and hot chocolates to suit every taste. Here’s a sample of the great barista quality branded drinks that are on offer: 




Keurig Organic Green Mountain Sumatran

Keurig Green mountain Sumatran Reserve

Exotically lush and heavy-bodied, Indonesian coffees are prized for their heady aromas and rich flavours. Our Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold is roasted deliciously dark, creating a sweet and spicy taste. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.


Keurig Green Mountain French Vanilla K Cup

Keurig Green Mountain French Vanilla Coffee

Just try to resist the enticing aromas of our sweet and sophisticated French Vanilla coffee! Lusciously rich and smooth, it lets you capture the essence of exotic vanilla anytime you want a cup of coffee. Made with 100% Arabica coffee.


Keurig Twinings English Breakfast Tea K Cup

Keurig Twinings Original English Breakfast Tea

Bright, full-bodied and full of flavour our English Breakfast is perfect for clearing away your cobwebs at any time of the day.


Keurig Swiss Miss K Cups Keurig Drink

Keurig Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Drink

Swiss Miss is deliciously creamy and full of velvety chocolate flavour. One sip has you wrapped in a world that’s gorgeously warm and inviting. Its unbelievably satisfying and the perfect way to linger in a moment of indulgent relaxation.


5. Tell us your coffee club story and we’ll send you a free drinks package!

As you would imagine, our easy to use Keurig pod machines have revolutionised the way co-workers drink branded coffee and tea such as Green Mountain and Twinings - and all for a fraction of the price of the coffee shop or canteen.

I’d love to hear how your coffee club works! Perhaps you run a cash kitty collected by one person, or an honesty box in the staff room? We’d love to share your story to inspire others. Please email with your story and a photo of your happy Keurig drinkers, or tweet your #officecoffeeclub success stories to us at @office_barista and I’ll send you a free drinks package for your coffee club**

All the best, 

Katy Steen 
Office Barista

For more advice on office coffee clubs, or our range of professional coffee pod machines, email or call 02890 826 111 today.


**Four boxes of assorted drinks (96 drinks)

*** We are an authorised Keurig UK distributor