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Here at Office Barista we know how hard it can be to keep the area around your office Keurig coffee machine neat and tidy. You want everything to looks its very best and the new range of products from Keurig will help to do just that.

We are always on the look out for ways to make our customers life just a little bit easier to manage. Whether its better storage, improved cleaning and machine descaling supplies or even just an easier way to have your coffee on the go you can be assured that Office Barista has put a lot of thought and care into the ranges and solutions we bring to you.

Keurig is just as equally dedicated to the products and supplies they put forth for our customers to purchase. We are very excited to offer these new products as one of a handful of Keurig's leading distributors in the UK and Ireland.

There is something to peak almost everyone in your office's interest in this new range of storage and cleaning products.

Keurig Travel Mugs Perfect for Keurig MachineTravel Mugs
  We know you don’t always have time to stop and linger over your coffee brew. There are important things to do!!!!!

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated these travel mugs will keep your drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 12 while you are on the go. Holds up to 400ml of your favourite drink and is top shelf dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. All so you can still enjoy your coffee while on the go. 

K150 Series Accessories
Practical and stylish the new Keurig K150 Series accessories compliment your Keurig K150 coffee and tea machine perfectly. Its smart modular nature means that you can choose just one accessory or both to meet your needs.

There are four condiment drawers for your ancillaries such as sugar, stirrers and milk, and a Keurig K-Cup receptacle that holds two boxes of your favourite Keurig UK pods. These thwo accessories really pull your Keurig coffee maker together and keep everything in its place.

Thermal Milk Jug - Fresh milk makes all the difference to the taste of tea and coffee but often milk left on the counter goes off which is a waste of money and product. This thermal milk jug is suitable for both hot and cold liquids and will keep milk cold for as long as up to 12 hours!

Holds up to 1litre and has a shatterproof double-wall construction and a great looking stainless steel body with attractive black finish. Fresh milk can now be back on the office menu.

Keurig Drip Tray Riser for K150 and K140 Coffee MachinesDrip Tray Riser - One of the many wonderful things about the Keurig office coffee machine is its ability to offer different sizes of drinks so that everyone is satisfied but all too often there are splashes that occur whenever a smaller drink size is chosen. This can lead to sticky messes so we have a solution.

The Keurig drip tray riser is simply placed on the drip tray of the machine to elevate the coffee cup which reduces any splashing that may occur during brewing meaning less mess to clean up.

Keurig Descale Solution for K150 and K140 Coffee MachinesFilters and descaling - Filtering water and descaling your machine can be burdensome and time consuming but both are essential to the life of your Keurig coffee machine. Again we can help you fix this.

The new Britta Aqua Gusto filters couldn’t be simpler and easy to use. All that needs to be done is to drop the filter into the Keurig water tank and not worry about it again for six months.

It’s really that easy. This should drastically increase the time between descaling of the machine but when the time does come we recommend using Keurig’s new Descale solution that has been specially designed for the Keurig coffee pod machines.


         Check Out the New Range Here

Don't forget that we still also carry all of your olf Keurig storage supply favourites such as the four box wire rack and the Keurig Carousel. Contact us anytime to talk about your Keurig machine options.

We love hearing from our customers and getting the opportunity to talk about how we can work together to make better coffee work for your business is always a pleasure.