Introducing The Douwe Egberts Barista One Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

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Introducing The Douwe Egberts Barista One Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

We think your coffee at work should be every bit as good as you'd expect from your local coffee shop. At Office Barista we work extremely hard to bring our customers the best possible selection of machines so we are extremely excited to introduce the Barista One machine from Douwe Egberts adding it to our already impressive bean to cup range. 

Douwe Egberts Barista One Office Bean To Cup Coffee Machine For Great Coffee At Work

First impressions are everything and the Douwe Egberts coffee machine really delivers with a stylish design and beautiful stainless steel finish. Its eye catching 7" colour touchscreen will entice everyone its way and is completely customisable for your individual marketing needs.

Where this Swiss made Douwe Egberts office bean to cup machine really shines though is in its ability to make a truly barista worthy coffee cup. Choose from cup to 40 different customisable drink options that brew in only 30 seconds and up to 100 cups a day. 

The Douwe Egberts bean to cup coffee has a generous 1.35kg bean hopper that you can fill with your favourite bean or you have the option of a second grinder and a split canister so you can offer people more choice. In the interest of variety the machine also offers two instant ingredient hoppers so you can offer hot chocolate and another option such as decaf coffee. 

The Douwe Egberts machine helps move things along even quicker by giving you the ability to make two cups at once with it double coffee outlet. We also know that you will have plenty of tea drinkers in your office to cater for so there is also a hot water outlet. 

We know better than anyone that the one thing that gives people pause when purchasing a bean to cup coffee machine that uses fresh milk is the hassle of cleaning it using all those harsh chemicals to clean the milk tubes. This is absolutely not going to be a problem with this piece of coffee equipment due to an inexpensive disposable milk frothing tube which is changed every few days to guarantee extremely high hygiene standards making it, in our opinion, the best bean to cup coffee machine when it comes to cleanliness.

Speaking of of our favourite features of this Douwe Egberts professional machine is its ability to use both fresh and instant milk. To ensure your fresh milk is kept as fresh as possible this Douwe Egberts features a Schaerer refrigerated unit but you wont have to worry an longer about what happens if you run out of milk. You can then just switch to instant milk which keeps for much longer. 

The Barista One* is not the only product we are adding to our range from Douwe Egberts. Why not fill your hopper with delicious Douwe Egberts beans that are expertly roasted and come in such delicious varieties such as Intense and Extra Dark Roast. 

We can help you choose the best office coffee machine for your business so contact us now!

 *Please note: This machine contains a pressurised steam boiler and safety valves. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that these devices are tested and certified by a competent person every 12 months from date of install in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR2000). The end user's insurance company must be informed that pressurised equipment is situated on their premises and its generally the insurer who will provide the competent representative to carry out testing. failure to follow this guidance will prevent any further works being carried out and void the annual service contract. If the annual service contract is not agreed then all parts, labour and call outs are chargeable. 

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