New Delivery of Flavia Creation 500s and Flavia Baristas

Posted by Jamie Gardner on

We've just received another delivery of Flavia Creation 500 machines and Flavia Barista machines into our warehouse in Belfast! 

Flavia C500 Delivery. Perfect coffee machine for meeting rooms
Flavia C500 Staff Coffee Machine Delivery. For Use With Flavia Drinks

Given the popularity of the Flavia Creation 400 on which these newer Flavia hot drinks machines are based, and our really keen prices - with *price match guarantees - we expected the C500 and Barista machines to fly off the shelves but even I've been a little surprised at the demand, particularly for the Creation 500. 

In order to keep up and ensure that we always have both the Flavia Creation 500 and the Flavia Barista coffee and tea machine in stock and ready for same-day despatch, we've had to place a couple of extra orders with Mars Drinks in the last few months.

If you're keen to get your hands on one of this latest batch, check out the options for the Flavia office coffee machines here, or drop me a line and I'll get you sorted out!

Kind Regards, Jamie - Sales Manager

*Price Match Guarantee does not apply to prices found on EBAY

**Price Match Guarantee only applies at time of purchase and we are unable to price match after purchase.

**Flavia machines are a great alternative when replacing your Kenco Singles Machine