Is Coffee Machine Rental or Lease A Better Option?

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Is Coffee Machine Rental or Lease A Better Option?

Rent or Lease? Get the right Office Coffee Machine

Depending on your UK business requirements and choice of machine, the right office coffee machine can demand a relatively substantial upfront cost. Whilst this investment pays off over time, coffee and tea machine rental or leasing may be a more viable option to ensure you get the equipment you need.

We are able to give you sound advice about whether renting or leasing your office coffee machine is a better fit for your business.

Some of the benefits of both coffee machine hire and lease include:

  • Capital costs can be spread out over a longer time period
  • Allows you to better manage cash flow
  • Machine maintenance is included for the life of coffee machine rental or lease package
  • Our terms are simple and flexible and our friendly sales team will ensure a smooth process every step of the way.
  • Whether you need a Lavazza Coffee bean to cup machine or your prefer Flavia drinks, all of our machines come with unbeatable prices 

Check out Leasing or renting a coffee machine is a great way to get an affordable coffee cup. To give you an idea of costs,Flavia coffee machines are currently leasing for £7.23 a week + VAT and a Bravilor Esprecious is £27.46 a week + VAT The Krea Touch bean to cup coffee machine leases starting at only £14.39 a week!

Cup of coffee made in one of our bean to cup coffee machines


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