Boost Your Brand: The Benefits Of Having a Branded Coffee Tower

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Boost Your Brand: The Benefits Of Having a Branded Coffee Tower

There are many options out there when considering what sort of hot drinks station you require for your business but if boosting your brand is your goal then one of our towers could be the perfect solution. Office Barista has an excellent range of coffee towers that will not only look smart and stylish but can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Having a coffee tower for your business coffee machine has plenty of advantages. Coffee towers offer storage space for paper coffee cups, coffee beans and ancillaries so you don't have to worry about having a machine that's surrounded by boxes of loose product. 

The branding opportunities that come with a coffee tower are significant. Each tower has their own branding possibilities such a panels that can be customised for your business, eye catching lighting to attract visitors and coffee equipment that can convey messages and videos on their screens. 

We offer three types of towers here at Office Barista, the Bravilor Esprecious Go, A Douwe Egberts drinks station and the Lavazza branded coffee towers. These towers offer businesses the unique opportunity to hitch their brand to a delicious cup of coffee which is beloved by almost everyone. 

The new Bravilor Esprecious Go incorporates their extremely popular Esprecious bean to cup machines into a very stylish cabinet complete with cashless payment system. This extremely durable tower has the ability to grow with your business and your brand with its impressively large branding panels which can be branded more than once.

It comes in options for both fresh and instant milk, with or without cashless payment system and the ability to be plumbed in or jug filled. The jug filled Esprecious Go means that this machine can truly be put anywhere for maximum brand exposure.

Inside the machine the Especious Go enables you to customise the drinks icons,  background as well as upload custom screensavers and even videos with sound to help you communicate better with your staff and customers. During the short wait for their drink you can command their full attention and convey your message fully. 

First impressions are everything and the Esprecious Go business coffee machine certainly delivers with its attractive surround, tasteful menu board and your choice of LED coloured lighting to highlight your brand. Who would be able to resist a quick coffee stop?

Bravilor Esprecious Go Coffee Tower and Esprecious bean to cup Machine

Are you using delicious Lavazza beans? Our Lavazza branded towers are very popular with customers because of  the flexibility of choosing the best bean to cup coffee machine for your business to compliment it. 

We also offer Lavazza branded cups that perfectly pair with the tower and ensure that advertising for your bean to cup machine is taken out the door in the hands of your customers. Its a marketing win!

Bean to cup machines fit beautifully while still allowing space for cups and ancillaries. Lavazza is Italy's favourite coffee and an instantly recognisable brand that will have no trouble drawing customers. 

Lavazza Branded Coffee Tower with a Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious Bean To Cup Machine

Choose from exceptional Lavazza coffee varieties such as Ristorazione, Tierra RFA certified beans and the incredibly popular Super Crema with its light-to-medium body, delicious hazelnut aromas, and sweet, fruity notes with just a touch of smokiness. lavazza delivers on taste, aroma and quality every time.

Douwe Egberts have 260 years of experience in pleasing customers and they have delivered once again with the new Barista One Machine and there is a beautiful Coffee Tower to accompany it. The Barista One makes a coffee you will swear was hand poured by your favourite barista especially if you use our selection of Douwe Egbert beans to add to the experience. 

The Barista One machine is capable of displaying your brand or any marketing messages on its screen as well as video via USB. Its a great way to get your message out.

The coffee tower is a treat for the eyes with beautiful tile and stainless steel details as well as ample storage space for cups and ancillaries. Its trendy vibe is bound to ensure it becomes a hub for regular coffee drinkers. 

Douwe Egberts Barista One Bean To Cup Machine Tower and Drinks Station  

We have been extremely excited about adding a choice of two Douwe Egberts coffee beans to our range. They are already proving popular with customers and we know that its sure to please your staff and customers as well.

The Douwe Egberts Intense Italia Selection is 100% Arabica from Central and South America. This blend delivers a coffee which has a sweet rustic flavour, slight nutty notes with hints of marzipan and fruit cake.  Seductive and indulgent, the intense rich flavour of this blend mixes well through milk based drinks with strong chocolate notes and excellent sweetness. 

The Douwe Egberts Extra Dark Roast is powerful yet distinctive. On the palate this blend is rich, smooth with notes of treacle, malt and finishing with enticing notes of dark bitter chocolate. A stamp of authority, this blend is bold imparting the full bodied characteristics  of the coffee the silky smooth texture of milk. creamy, with strong chocolate tones it delivers a first class cappuccino. 

We can advise you on the best office coffee machine or coffee tower for your business and advise you on how to have better coffee at work so contact us now! 

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